DS-GVO Survival Guide

The General Data Protection Regulation promises the biggest shake up to European privacy laws for 20 years. It will apply in all Member States from 25 May 2018.

The changes needed to comply with the Regulation are significant and the two year implementation period is likely to go quickly. You should start to prepare for them now. It is likely you will need a compliance programme to manage these changes, but don’t just focus on the narrow requirements of the Regulation. Use this as an opportunity to improve the way you handle personal information. In other words, look up from the maze of articles and recitals and think about your customers, employees and other individuals. They will expect a lot more of you in a post-Regulation world.

Much of the attention has been focused on the new antitrust-type sanction regime. The threat of fines of up to 4% of annual worldwide turnover or €20million means data protection will need to be taken more seriously. There is a risk of taking this too far and chilling innovation. Those advising on the Regulation will be under significant pressure to both provide sensible advice and avoid the risk of punitive sanctions. In the short term, privacy advice is going to need a little more thought, a good deal of pragmatism and a pinch of courage.

This guide sets out the key changes under the Regulation, as well as providing a “to do” list and answers to many of the questions we have received from our clients about it. We hope you find it useful.

Download the Survival Guide (ENG) here